Company Overview

Sovereign Investments is an international property investment agency, development and asset management company. Our current focus is UK property investments and USA property investments, within specific geographical locations.

We deliver comprehensive wealth creation solutions for a range of property investors, from high net worth individuals to family offices seeking to invest in UK property investment portfolios to equity partners and joint-venture partners seeking to maximise prudent investment returns.

Our current acquisitions encompass a broad range of property investments consisting of portfolios of residential properties, residential development projects and commercial properties. Our experience covers all stages of the investment cycle, from acquisition and pre-planning, through to construction, completion, sales, full property management, company and accounting services and to eventual disposal of the asset.

We optimise value and manage risk through the application of market knowledge, development expertise and a wide range of multi-disciplinary skills.

Word from our Founder – We would like to welcome you as an investment client of Sovereign Investments

“I founded the company after 10 years’ experience developing real estate assets in the USA and UK. I specialise in developing distressed real estate into high yielding investment properties. ” 

Shah Karim LLB (Hons), LLM, CeMAP – CEO